Industrial switches with innovative functions

Printec-DS Keyboard has launched the DS1T product series of industrial single pushbuttons. Using the new series, existing systems can be expanded easily, and customer-specific new developments can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to the universal design of the buttons, combinations of different technologies are possible in a very small space.
Innovative technology
The new switch series from Printec-DS allows complete freedom of design in the implementation of customer-specific operating elements with low development costs at the same time. Different switching technologies can be freely combined and integrated behind a closed control panel. A wide variety of functional and design ideas can be implemented easily and in the shortest possible time. In addition, the single buttons are ideal for expanding and modernizing existing input systems. Thanks to the integrated circuit board, each button is fully functional and can be subsequently integrated behind a front panel, a front glass or in a housing at any free position.
The DS1T product range comprises three variants with the same external dimensions of 36 x 36 mm each, offers a degree of protection of at least IP65 and offers the highest technological flexibility due to different switching mechanisms. It includes a classic single button, a button with a double, tactile switching function and a capacitive switch.

Buttons with
surrounding light ring

All three variants have a surrounding light ring and are optionally available with a separately backlit button symbol.
The RGB-LED backlighting and customer-specific symbols enable individual designs, even for small quantities. The capacitive button can be installed very simply by gluing it behind a plastic or glass front panel.
The mechanical variants can also be easily integrated behind front panels and in a housing. ds
The industrial pushbuttons are available in three versions:
double action switch, backlit single switch and capacitive single switch
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