New SNAP IN connection technology enables robot-assisted installation

With each new generation, electrical devices are becoming smaller, more powerful and safer to use. The devices have to meet the ever-growing market requirements and within increasingly shorter development cycles. In addition, the digital transformation in industry continues to progress and requires reliable and stable connections for its implementation. All this presents device manufacturers with major challenges that must be solved using the right device connection technology. The new OMNIMATE® 4.0 connectors from Weidmüller, designed according to the modular principle, impressively meet these requirements. A new design concept and fast SNAP IN connection technology form the basis for this.
Connector technology
In addition to the acoustic "click", the Visual Safety Indicator confirms that the conductor is safely connected

Device connectors with innovative SNAP IN connection technology

As a pioneer in electrical connectivity, Weidmüller brought the first PCB terminals onto the market back in the 1960s. With the new modular product concept OMNIMATE® 4.0, Weidmüller is reinventing the connector and moving towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for device connection technology. In the long term, almost any combination of signal, power, data or even hybrid and smart interfaces can be created through a simple selection process in the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC).
The internal consolidation of the individual I/O modules is so fast that they are dispatched within a few days.
This is even the case for individualised products, from single samples to series production orders. With their basic design, the new OMNIMATE® 4.0 connectors are constructed as prefabricated individual I/O modules which the user can combine thanks to the wide range of flexible options.
The connectors are available with 2 to 12 poles and from a batch size of one. Depending on the application and the needs of the device developer, the connector is planned and manufactured according to the customer's individual requirements – easily configured via the Weidmüller Configurator which integrates seamlessly into the digital customer process. For the first time, the innovative SNAP IN connection technology is being used in device connectors and is revolutionising the wiring of devices.
With the SNAP IN technology, flexible, stranded-wire conductors without crimped-on wire-end ferrules can be simply inserted into the open connection point, without having to open the contact point (wire ready). One "click" is all it takes to establish a secure connection. In addition to the acoustic confirmation by the clearly audible "click", the Visual Safety Indicator pops outwards to visually confirm that the conductor is safely connected. No tools are required.
The connection can withstand even harsh environmental conditions with severe shaking and vibrations. By simply activating the lever, the operator can open the connection point again and remove the connected conductor. At the same time, the Visual Safety Indicator moves back to its original position. The connection is "ready to use" again. This makes SNAP IN the fastest and most cost-efficient connection technology. Flexible design and optimum handling – OMNIMATE® 4.0 connectors meet this challenge with flying colours. OMNIMATE® 4.0 users benefit from a simple, compact and pluggable connection solution for many devices – whether as signal interfaces for industrial controllers or drive technology applications.
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