CONEC supports field robot project

In 2014, the collaboration between CONEC and the team of Kamaro‑Engineering began. Kamaro-Engineering e.V. specializes in the development of field robots which enable new, environmentally friendly methods in agriculture.
These methods include the mechanical removal of weed and maintenance of mixed cultivation. Advantages of field robots over heavy machines are the minimization of soil compaction and the new possibility to take care of plants individually. Field robots need to deal with rough terrain and variable weather.
Electronics need to be protected from water. Thus, specialized connectors are required.
Finally, the batteries carry a considerable amount of energy and conducting elements need to be short-circuit protected. And new concepts aim to swap empty batteries with new ones. While such a modularity is optional, modularity with respect to implements is regarded a requirement. Implements need a stable mechanical connection and an electrical connection transferring data and power.

Conec connectors
in the field robot

Now Beteigeuze, the oldest field robot in operation, has received a completely revised cable harness and this is where the CONEC connectors come into play. The project Beteigeuze NOVA revolutionizes wiring and software of the field robot Beteigeuze: Components will communicate via CAN-Bus and a publish-subscribe based, real time capable middleware "RODOS".
The new concept is modular, and developers hence opted for one connector model for all components. This connector needs to transfer CAN-High, CAN-Low, 24 Volt logic supply and a 20 Amps motor supply. Additionally, it needs to provide a mechanically robust connection and water protection.

The CONEC IP67 D-SUB 7W2 mixing contact connector meets all these requirements.

Multiple Bus-PCBs provide arrays of plugs where components can be connected. Not only will components be interchangeable and reusable; wiring efforts will be reduced because a new component can be connected to the nearest Bus-PCB and does not need to be routed to a central unit. Kamaro's vision is to produce hardware components with the reusability of software components. ds
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