Web-based remote maintenance solution u‑link for greater machine availability

Seamless production sits at the core of every company's operations. If production stops, due to an error for example, a quick response is required. But what if the specialist for the plant is not on site? Thanks to digitalisation, the magic words in this case are often remote maintenance. Estimates assume that up to 60 percent of errors can be resolved or at least supported via remote access. Weidmüller's u-link remote access service offers a system that is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to manage – and guarantees a high level of security at all times.
Networking and Security
Not having to send out a service technician can mean savings of EUR 1,000 or more. However, remote maintenance is not only important for analysing and correcting errors: It is also beneficial for setting up and maintaining the plant, as well as for carrying out optimisation work.

Optimise the capacities
of specialists and reduce downtimes

New technologies, digitalisation and increased customer requirements lead to increasingly complex products. In order to be able to produce these competitively in the globalised world market, production facilities, buildings and even energy generation are becoming increasingly smart and networked. The mix of technologies means that more people are involved in projects and are becoming increasingly specialised. This means that employees' capacities are limited. During initial setup, a malfunction or optimisation work on the plant, service employees must be present on site to cover their respective area of expertise. In the meantime, often they are unable to work on other projects. The availability of the specialists as well as any necessary journeys to the plant cost both time and money. This results in long downtimes, high costs and dissatisfied customers.

Remote assist / remote access
gathering momentum

To meet the above challenges, companies are increasingly turning to remote access applications. Remote access allows a company to access a computer or a network remotely via a network connection – on a worldwide scale across national borders. This allows users to access the systems they need, even though they cannot physically establish a direct connection.
In other words, users access systems remotely via a telecommunications or internet connection. Time-consuming journeys are no longer necessary, malfunctions can be rectified quickly and easily, which reduces downtimes, and plant optimisations can be carried out with ease.

System essentials

In addition to the high security standards, the usability and flexibility of the remote access system are also important. It should be possible to carry out the configuration easily and independently. Ideally, the system offers a clear overview of the plant in the field and the connection is established with a single mouse click. The remote access devices are connected simply by entering a code.
Video: Remote maintenance – safe and user-friendly solution with u-link
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