Flyweights in the
top performance class

Spectra PowerBox 12C1 and 12C6: Compact Mini‑PCs with 9th generation processors

The power-to-weight ratio (also mass-to-power ratio) is a common parameter in the specification of vehicles and engines. This specification is not known for industrial computers, but nevertheless the weight plays an important role as soon as they are used in "moving" applications. Not only the dead weight, but also the resulting inertial forces lead to enormous additional expenses.
With a total weight of just 1.7 kg, the Spectra PowerBox 12C1 and 12C6 Mini-PC are flyweights in the top performance class of Intel® Core™ i7 or 9th generation Xeon® processors. With 6 CPU cores each and a maximum of 32 GB DDR4 memory, they offer an excellent basis for fast data processing. Data storage can be easily realized with the help of several mSATA and NVME SSD slots.
Industrial PC
And the performance can be expanded even further. Instead of the on-board Intel® HD graphics of the 9th generation, an additional high-performance graphics card with a power consumption of up to 50 watts, which is particularly suitable for image processing tasks, can be used.

Fit for around-the-clock operation

An ingenious cooling concept with a specially developed heatpipe enables 24h/7d operation at full power in an ambient temperature of 0 °C to 45 °C. If passive cooling is not sufficient, a temperature-controlled fan is automatically switched on. The very slow rotating fan has a high MTBF time and causes hardly any noise. This hybrid cooling system offers reliable operation and a long service life of the Spectra PowerBox in industrial environments. This hybrid cooling system ensures safe operation and a long service life of the Spectra PowerBox in industrial environments. The integrated iSmart technology offers additional protection. With automatic switch-on and switch-off planning, it enables efficient energy use. Features such as power help reduce downtime.
iSmart also enables in-system programming via the BIOS and has 4 KB NVRAM for storing confidential data, including digital signatures that can be used to protect software. ds
Data sheet
Spectra PowerBox 12C1 / 12C6
Suitable for industrial applications:
Spectra PowerBox 12C1 and 12C6 are long-term available up to min. Q2 2034
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