RJ45 Industrial Ethernet patch cord and patch cord with coloured overmould

To round off the range of ready-made BUS cables, CONEC has included patch cords in its product range that are manufactured with an industrial Ethernet cord with a stranded wire cross-section of AWG22.

This allows long transmission distances to be realised with low losses. In addition, the PROFINET cord with PUR insulation is suitable for use in industrial environments. The use of other cables will be tested on request. At all RJ45 connectors the cable shield is connected through the internal strain relief to the connector housing to ensure a continuous shielding. PUR overmould of RJ45 offers kink protection and additional strain relief for the cord. An integrated protection at the overmould prevent a damage of the RJ45 locking, when the cord will accidentally is pulled through obstacles. A combination as a patch cord like e. g. RJ45 to M12 D-coded is available on request. In addition, CONEC also offers patch cords with colour coated RJ45. Thus, in a complex wiring environment, a patch cord can be quickly assigned to its port via the colour. CONEC offers coloured overmould upon request for almost all overmoulded RJ45s. ds


Cameras, image sensors, photodiodes based on InGaAs

Hamamatsu Photonics provides InGaAs solutions covering the visible (VIS), near infrared (NIR), and short wavelength infrared (SWIR) regions. Our solutions fulfill different applications including spectrometers for spectrometry, scientific cameras for microscopy, and machine vision for industrial imaging. Also, we provide driver modules and evaluation boards to decrease your design time. Customizations are available for specific applications and requirements.
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