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High-precision sensors for medical technology, high-performance control technology, and IIoT-based material flow solutions – Panasonic Industry Europe presents innovative products and solutions to meet today's challenges across industries and in society.
Innovative technology
Panasonic Industry Europe has a successful track record for developing technologies and solutions that solve challenges faced by businesses and society. For more than a century, Panasonic has been driven by an ethos and aspiration of corporate citizenship and remains convinced that every company can make a positive contribution to society. Never is this more relevant than in times of crisis. This specific responsibility is particularly evident in a pandemic, during which Panasonic Industry Europe, for example, is mitigating the impact with innovative sensors for critical medical technology applications.

Sensor technology solutions for medical diagnostics

To help make laboratory processes safer and more efficient, Panasonic is working in close collaboration with the top four medical technology companies in the field of in-vitro diagnostics. Some machines in this dynamic sector are being used for diagnosing Covid-19 viruses and for antibody tests, among other things. In applications such as this, the technology provider supplies a range of sensors for sample detection. For example, the supply and discharge of reagents are controlled to allow reactive and contaminated media to be measured without physical contact. This is achieved by optical sensors that accurately control the sample flow, measure the level in vessels, and detect possible air bubbles that would render the samples unusable. In addition, sensors detect the presence of caps on samples. Panasonic offers the world’s smallest sensors in its design for easy handling of samples in pre-analytics.
The dependable neutralization of static charges is performed by Panasonic ionizers. These prevent the samples from sticking to each other and stops chemicals from adhering to the test tube's top edge or sidewalls.
 Sensor technology solutions
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