First Rate Climate in the IIoT

Turck's smart cabinet guard transfers status data directly to the IT world

There are many reasons for the excessive build-up of heat in control cabinets. Designers can often minimize the dangers resulting from incorrectly arranged devices or poor ventilation in advance. However, specific condition monitoring is needed for external factors and device anomalies. Turck's IM18-CCM cabinet guard now provides a smart solution for processing sensor data via Ethernet in the IIoT.
Sensors / Interface technologies
Temperature, humidity, but also the safety of control cabinets are variables that should play an important role in any system concept. With the right device layout and clever ventilation, designers create the basis for high availability of electronic components. In addition, compact condition monitoring tools are available in the form of control cabinet monitors to ensure that critical measured values are always available.

Three-in-one monitoring
on the DIN rail

A few years ago Turck added cabinet guards IM12-CCM and IMX12-CCM (with Ex approval) to its portfolio as an easy-to-expand condition monitoring solution. The compact devices are mounted on the DIN rail and feature three onboard sensors for monitoring temperature, air humidity and the door gap. The IM(X)12 uses a configurable limit value function to then send a signal if values above or below the defined limit values occur.
The IM12-CCM features an internal data logger with time stamp and stores data for up to two years. This enables users to also detect creeping changes over long periods and rectify the cause. The master processes the data of the slave and sends a signal to the controller.
The standard IM12-CCM comes with two switch contacts and an IO-Link interface.
Turck's IM18-CCM cabinet guard transfers measured values via Ethernet to IT networks and can even preprocess them remotely beforehand
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