Networking and Security

Smart diagnostic tool

With u-link's firmware management, current firmware statuses are clearly displayed and a secure method is offered to update them automatically at an individually defined point in time. Thanks to u-link's connection dashboard, the user has a smart diagnostic tool at their disposal. In the event of an error due to a changed IP address, a pulled Ethernet cable, poor reception or a new firewall rule for example, the cause of the error can be quickly determined via the connection evaluation. Evaluations of the connections are an elementary component of a good solution.
In addition to diagnostics, this also enables new business models through per-second-billing of service times to the customer.


The u-link remote maintenance tool is part of Weidmüller's comprehensive future-oriented and coordinated IoT-capable portfolio. This is the easy way to Industrial IoT – "from data to value". Whether for greenfield or brownfield applications, Weidmüller offers solutions as enablers for data acquisition, data preprocessing, data communication and data analysis. One thing is clear: Industrial IoT is not an end in itself. The added value is revealed in the specific application: whether in increasing energy efficiency or improving the planning of service technician interventions. Weidmüller designs Industrial IoT together with and for the user: simply and efficiently.

Author: Silke Lödige,
trade press officer at Weidmüller


From connectors to smart concepts for the factory of the future

In decentralized plant concepts, energy, signals and data must be transmitted reliably under extreme environmental conditions. This requires seamless connection solutions from IP20 to IP6x that are compatible with current and future automation systems. As a pioneer in connection technology, Weidmüller supplies reliable and trend-setting connection solutions even in decentralized environments.
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