M12Plus – The Cable Medics

Turck is shifting the condition monitoring of the cabling directly to the plug connector

Defective cabling and contact problems can lead to expensive plant downtimes and unscheduled maintenance work – and are one of the most frequent causes of faults. Turck's smart M12Plus connectors now provide a solution and enable the condition monitoring of cables and contacts by measuring current and voltage. Error sources can be identified and localized as each plug connector is assigned a unique address.
Connector technology
The browser-based Turck Automation Suite TAS graphically displays the measured values of the M12Plus
Besides the incorporated measurement technology, the M12Plus also features an onboard Bluetooth chip. This enables it to measure voltages and currents and send these measured values to a data interface in the plant, such as Turck's TBEN-PLC. A Bluetooth dongle enables the robust IP67 controller to read a host of Bluetooth-enabled devices, and the scan intervals can be adjusted for the particular application in order to ensure optimum performance. The cable data is transferred to the controller in real time. This information can be used to determine potential issues such as voltage drops in the cable or the plug contact, even before the connection actually fails. If required, the controller can be programmed so that an alarm is triggered as soon as a specific threshold value is reached.

Effective protection from cable failures

The smart M12Plus connector with integrated measurement electronics consists of a four-core cable (4 x 0.34 mm²) of the TXL series with a polyurethane outer sheath and is specially designed for use in drag chains. A-coded M12 connectors are fitted to both ends of the sensor/actuator cable. The integrated sensors enable precise voltage and current measurement at the male and female connector.
The M12Plus can also be configured conveniently
via TAS
Comparing input and output values thus enables problems such as cable kinks, cable breaks or an inadequate power supply to be detected early on.
Video Expert Talk: M12Plus Connector

Fast localisation of failures

The measured values enable the precise monitoring of contact quality for reliable connectivity. Factors such as contact corrosion or wear by repeated mating are taken into consideration here.
The M12Plus also offers a decisive advantage in localizing faults in the plant: the unique MAC address of each M12Plus connector makes it possible to identify the cable at risk of failure directly via the documentation.
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