For data storage, they provide an M.2 2280 M-slot for high-speed data storage with Gen4 x4 NVMe, as well as easily accessible 2.5-inch SATA hard drive/SSD bays and an optional accessible M.2 2280 SSD slot.
"As digitalization continues, edge computing devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives. As a pioneer in advanced industrial edge AI platforms, BRESSNER Technology is at the forefront and continues to invest resources in developing cutting-edge products to provide customers with reliable and optimized operations at the edge," said Gabor Paxian, Senior Account Manager at BRESSNER Technology.

Boosting cybersecurity in industrial networks

The all-in-one security testing suite SINEC Security Inspector from Siemens offers a single user interface for a software framework combining different cybersecurity tools.
Cybersecurity concerns have grown with the increasing convergence of IT and OT networks in industrial manufacturing. Moreover, legal regulations force industrial companies to enhance cybersecurity in their processes. To address the growing need for industrial cybersecurity solutions, Siemens has grown its cybersecurity solution portfolio and launched an all-in-one security testing suite for industrial communication networks. The SINEC Security Inspector is a software framework for active one-time scanning that allows individual network devices, network segments or the entire network infrastructure to be scanned during maintenance time windows. It brings together a selection of best-in-class security tools which are integrated into a single user interface.
As factories increasingly have different machine providers using vast vendor variety, manufacturers are faced with several challenges in terms of network security in their plants: asset identification and detection, compliance checks, malware scans and vulnerability checks. With SINEC Security Inspector all of these can be addressed.
Designed as an open framework, SINEC Security Inspector also contains tools for vulnerability management provided by the cybersecurity company Tenable. Furthermore, more internal and third-party testing tools will successively be added to cover more test cases in future.
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