Industrial grade Panel PCs for smart Visualization

Kontron's FlatClient Series and MediClient for modern HMI

Modern industrial design, usability, and flexibility – these are the most important challenges for today's human machine interfaces. Inspired by consumer-oriented products industrial Panel PCs are facing new challenges. They are becoming more than just a functional add-on. Human machine interfaces as integral part of the user experience have to be user-friendly, intuitive and flexible interfaces offering at the same time state-of-the art look and feel.
HMI – Display
Kontron’s industrial-grade Panel PCs FlatClient offer maximum flexibility in terms of performance, design and installation
Kontron's HMIs are the perfect answer to these demanding and increasing requirements as they are: intelligent, intuitive, and scalable. The product families of Kontron's Panel PC systems offer a wide range of processor capacities and display dimensions. Widescreen displays in 16:9 format as well as 4:3 regular formats from 5.0 to 23.8 inches allow the visualization of more detailed and different data at one glance.
Kontron offers a wide range of front options either with resistive or capacitive touch or protection glass.
Kontron's industrial Panel PCs are ready-to-run systems assuring the compatibility of hardware and software. Fieldbus interfaces, integrated web server / browser and CODESYS Soft PLC as an option enable flexible visualization solutions. The 100 percent industry-capable Panel PCs meet the toughest industrial requirements concerning shock, vibration, and temperature resistance.
No matter what your requirements are, Kontron provides you with semi- and full-customized Panel PCs for a wide range of applications within automation, transportation, and in the medical and defence industry.
Video Kontron FlatClient and FlatView Series
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