For efficient intralogistics

Spectra PowerBox 310-i5:
Embedded system for automated guided vehicles

Driverless transport systems (AGVs) are becoming increasingly popular for raising efficiency in intralogistics. AGVs are used, for example, in production or in logistics centers to transport goods or materials from one location to another.
The complex control of such a system is usually handled by a special embedded system, which is designed precisely for this task and must have special properties in terms of the requirements compactness and robustness as well as performance and connectivity.
Industrial PC
Front: PowerBox 310-i5
Rear: PowerBox 310-i5

Compact, robust, powerful

With the Spectra PowerBox 310-i5, Spectra introduces an industrial embedded system that is particularly suitable for use in AGVs, because it has a number of features that are important for this area.

Expansion modules for the PowerBox 310-i5
It is a compact lightweight weighing only 1.75 kg and measuring 203 x 142 x 67 mm. This means that it can also be accommodated in small AGVs.
The extended temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C and the great robustness against shock and vibration allows the Spectra PowerBox 310-i5 to be used even in AGVs operating in demanding environments such as non-air-conditioned warehouses or uneven outdoor areas.
To realize enough computing power for AGV navigation with low heat generation, the Spectra PowerBox 310-i5 is equipped with the low-voltage Intel® Core i5-8365UE processor.


In an autonomous driving system, wireless communication (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G, GPS, etc.) is very important for higher-level coordination. For this purpose, Spectra PowerBox 310-i5 allows individual extensions such as Wi-Fi or GSM using two mPCIe sockets. In addition to the mPCIe module, the appropriate mounting kits also consist of the matching cable and bracket, which are of course also available from Spectra.
In addition, the proven modular principle of this embedded system enables more than 100 equipment variants, which can be obtained simply by combining the available function extensions. For example, an additional four PoE ports with M12 screw connection can be realized by simply plugging in a function extension.
Spectra offers the Spectra PowerBox 310-i5 as an embedded system equipped and tested according to customer requirements with RAM, SSD and expansions as well as operating system, ready to be switched on. ds
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