E-paper displays –
more flexibility, less power

E-paper has been around for decades, but it is only recently that the technology has grown in everyday use. However, they are also increasingly being used in production and logistics. E-paper displays are suitable for warehouse management systems, labelling, inventory signs, order picking and much more. E-paper displays offer a wide range of unique benefits compared to conventional displays. DMB Technics even offers them customised.
HMI – Display
Low energy consumption, bendable design and flexible labelling are just three of the unbeatable benefits of e-paper – a technology which opens up new horizons when it comes to displaying content. It imitates the appearance of real paper without its disadvantages. Unlike printed content, the content can be altered and corrected at any time (as is the case with any display). This does not require paper and therefore conserves resources – and depending on the design, it is also bendable.
E-paper technology was developed back in the 1970s, but the general public only became aware of it due to e-readers, i. e. reading devices which can be used to read entire books. You just need one device and can use it to read thousands of pages, without having to lug thick, heavy tomes around with you.

Extremely low energy consumption

E-paper technology enables crisp content to be displayed – which has long included colour content. It is fundamentally different from other display technologies such as LCD or OLED, as, simply put, microcapsules are enclosed in a transparent polymer in e-paper technology. Depending on the voltage and polarity, these coloured capsules move and form image content. This results in crisp images which can be read from every angle – absolutely flicker-free and even in strong sunlight.
Since the display only requires voltage to alter content, e-paper displays consume extremely little energy. How it works is simple: just enable the content and switch off the power. The passive display remains stable for years or until the voltage is altered again.
This offers enormous savings potential to companies in an extremely wide range of industries and enables them to boost the efficiency of processes.

Easy updating of content via Wi-Fi

This can now be seen at individual retailers who are switching over to labelling shelving and signs with e-paper technology.
Paper no longer needs to be replaced by hand, the new prices no longer need to be printed out and no special offers need to be pasted over the top.
Barcodes, special offer graphics, prices and much more can be displayed continuously without consuming power and, if required, altered, and updated right away using Wi-Fi.
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