The fast way to specific connection solutions

There are good reasons to rely on connectors that deviate from the standard. Customised solutions help to avoid mistakes and implement unusual ideas. Contrary to some prejudices, the production of customised connectors at WECO is neither lengthy nor expensive.
Examples of customised connection solutions
Connector technology
Housing colours, individual labelling or leading connector pins can be adapted to
the customer's requirements
In theory, wiring is simple: plug into the matching socket or onto the free-standing contact pins – and that's it. In practice, unfortunately, it often is different because mistakes happen again and again. Cables get mixed up, which can damage circuits and components if the wrong voltage is applied. In the worst case, life and limb can even be endangered by incorrectly wired devices. It also happens that plugs are twisted or plugged into the wrong, unsuitable socket. Costly troubleshooting or even mechanical damage to plugs and sockets can result in expensive follow-up costs. Occasionally, however, there are also special constructional requirements that make an adaptation necessary.
For this reason, manufacturers of connectors and connection solutions often offer the production of customised variants in addition to their standard range. This starts with the individual labelling of cables and ranges from colour coding and simple physical coding to customised shaping. These are also called Poka-Yoke solutions, after the Japanese term for "avoiding unfortunate mistakes".
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