Safe and Reliable Contacting with

Battery and Cell Contacting Systems for E-Mobility

Robust interfaces are required to meet the increasing demands of battery management and cell contacting systems in e-mobility. Yamaichi Electronics is now expanding its Y-Lock connector system to include version 4 with Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and integrated contact protection.
Innovative technology
Board-to-Cable System Y-Lock with automatic locking function
The Y-Lock Pullforce connector series from Yamaichi Electronics combines a space-saving and process-safe design with intelligent and reliable technology. The system is designed for applications with high requirements. Available in three different versions, Y-Lock can fulfil a wide range of requirements in terms of mechanical, climatic, and electrical specifications.
Y-Lock is already available in three versions and is well established on the market. Now version 4 with new functionalities is about to be launched. V4 is specially tailored to the needs of battery and cell contacting systems in the automotive sector. Y-Lock combines robust and secure locking with high process reliability during assembly and operation. The special feature of all Y-Lock connectors is the intelligent one-push locking mechanism. Y-Lock is available in a wide range of variants in terms of pitch and pin count.

Blind mating and contacting possible

The core technology of the Y-Lock is the pullforce system (non-ZIF). The flexible flat cable (FFC) or the flexible printed circuit board (FPC) is inserted into the connector using a pre-assembled stiffener. It then engages automatically in two stages, firstly via lateral locking hooks and in the next stage via the front locking mechanism.
Thanks to the guide pins on the system, blind mating and contacting is also possible. The blind mating is particularly advantageous for applications that are difficult to access or where space is limited. The connection is disconnected by simply pulling out the FFC/FPC – mechanical actuation of the connector system is not required.
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