Video: TOF measurement Sensor HG-F

HG-F1 – Laser measurement sensor
for ranges of up to 3 m

The HG-F uses TOF technology to reliably detect at distances of up to 3 m. This means that the sensor can also be installed at some distance from the object to be measured so as not to disturb employees. The movement radius of cobots or robot arms can also be kept clear in this way.

The long range of the HG-F also ensures design freedom: installation at a distance also makes it possible to measure large workpieces or products of different heights on a line.
As a laser sensor, the HG-F works using TOF technology and falls into laser class 1. The advantage of this laser class is, on the one hand, that no special protective devices are required. On the other hand, the visible laser beam allows the measuring position to be recognized at first glance, which is helpful when setting up the sensor.
In addition, the HG-F has a special installation mode that makes commissioning particularly easy by amplifying the light intensity.
Another advantage of laser measurement is the fact that the laser beam has a narrow passage to the workpiece. This makes the HG-F ideal for applications where there is little space available for optical measurement.

Some possible applications
for the HG-F1

  • Vertical measurement of stacked material, for example sheets of paper or metal plates on a pallet
  • Detection of remaining material on a roll
  • Ensuring the assembly quality
  • Measuring the fill level in filling hoppers
  • Detection of goods in high-bay warehouses
Innovative technology

No more detours for sensor measurement data

When it comes to accuracy in industrial automation, every millisecond can be too much. The processing of analog measurement data from sensors depends largely on the cycle time of the controller used.

The new MINAS A6ST and MINAS A6BU servo drives process the data from connected sensors directly without an intermediate controller.
This allows users to achieve maximum responsiveness and accurate motor control. The general programming effort is also reduced by connecting the sensors directly to the servo drive, as is the susceptibility to errors. MINAS A6ST monitors the pressure applied in an application in real time via a corresponding sensor. One application is in the assembly of semiconductors, for example, where precisely controlled pressure is essential.
With the MINAS A6BU, users can achieve direct and precise distance monitoring: the sensor, which is connected directly to the motor controller, is used to monitor and control the distance between a dispensing head and the workpiece, for example.
Servo drives for highly dynamic applications: MINAS A6ST und MINAS A6BU
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